When a disaster strikes, lives are suddenly turned upside down. Often the hardest part is knowing where to begin and who to contact for help. It is natural and normal to feel overwhelmed by all that has happened and the anticipation of what will follow. Stallings understands that any event causing you to vacate your home or to shut down your business for even a day is a disastrous event. Stallings goal is to respond swiftly and professionally with the sole purpose of getting you back in your home or operating your business as quickly as possible.

It is the property owner's legal responsibility to protect people (including unauthorized intruders) from hazards that exist in a burned out, structurally challenged, and/or environmentally effected building. Property owners have an obligation to protect children who might be attracted to such an intriguing, yet dangerous environment. Additionally, it is your contractual obligation as described in your insurance policy to take all reasonable and prudent steps to secure the building and to protect people from personal injury that can cause the insurance company additional financial losses, and to protect the insured building and contents from further damage from exposure to residual soot, water, natural elements and theft. Stallings Victim's Assistance Team is ready and trained to assist you with this important task.

The insurance company will pay for an experienced and professional restorer, so don't cheat yourself by using a cheaper, inexperienced contractor, neighbor or friend who may use your home or business as an opportunity to learn the fire, wind, and water restoration business through trial and error.