Stallings is a full service mitigation, restoration, and construction firm in the Maryland and DC Metropolitan area. Stallings has the knowledge, training and experience needed to work closely with insurance carriers and property management firms to ensure the utmost quality and professional restoration of your property. We understand the stress and emotions felt by those who suffer a loss due to a disaster. Stallings is able to bring a resolution to any situation by using successful management and planning techniques to ensure a proper recovery. We will guide you through the entire process as your personal liaison and handle all matters directly with your insurance carrier.

Our goal is to ensure positive progress with minimal delays throughout the claims process. Our technical reports will be detailed and include the insurance claim required proper damage evaluation documents, repair scope, scene photos and the certified recommendations to restore your property back to its original pre-loss condition or better. We will work side by side with your adjustor to achieve a fair and accurate cost analysis for your claim.

When you partner with Stallings, you have a highly credible and powerful advocate on your side. Everything we do, every step we take, every recommendation we make, serves your best interest - for today and the long term.

EXPERIENCE: Never hire an inexperienced fire and water restoration contractor. This is a very complex process that offers an abundance of opportunities to create big problems for the fire and water victims. Tasks such as providing emergency services, damage evaluations and estimating, contents inventory, contents cleaning, restoration and repair, moving and storage, claims settlement, building restoration and repair all take years of experience to truly understand all of the subtle complexities. The insurance company will pay for a high quality fire and water restoration firm, so don't cheat yourself by using a cheaper inexperienced contractor who has yet to master the art and science of fire and water damage restoration. Regardless of the great sales pitch, you will likely come to regret it at some point.